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    'Oh no It's Monday again'...
    'Thank god it's Friday'...
    'Ah, I just love saturday night'...
    Here is my thesis project in the final year at university,
    which I was inpired by the above commonly-heard words.
    The project targeted to 20-40 year-old female with busy urban lifestyle, 
     living a 'Monday to Friday' routine life with stress and boredom.
    What they need are 1. An escape to refresh from short-term stress
    2. A long term motivation from possitive feeling.
    3. A slow life by bringing nature into busy urban life.
    Came the solution of  'instant refreshment for daily routine with floral tea.'
    Pollenina gives not only the functional benefits from the flower itself,
    but also the last-long emotional benefits during, and after sipping the tea.
    come discover and enjoy an easy life in a busy routine with Pollenina.
  • The name came from the word Pollen with the femininity.
  • The whole set features 7 boxes for each day. 
  • Each flower was chosen to represent the color of each day we Thai believe in;
    Yellow for Monday, Pink for Tuesday, Green for Wednesday, Orange for Thursday, Blue for Friday, Purple for Saturday and Red for Sunday.
  • Each box comes with tea bags and the flower stories book to enjoy while wating for the tea;
    here is Chamomile tea for Monday with the cheer up quote 'It's monday but it's okay.' with a yellow calming chamomile remedy.
  • A small book of fun facts about chamomile with the watercolor illustrations. Find out why it will be perfect for Monday.
    By the time you finished the book, the tea would be ready. And now you can enjoy a cup of tea through all 5 senses.
  • the next working day of the week, 
    let's 'Tuned-up on Tuesday.' with an elegant pink rose remedy.
  • And now it's Wednesday, we are halfway through and still halfway to go.
    let's enjoy the green cowslip remedy.
  • 'Thursday we're thriving'
    come have a cheerful remedy with orange marigold.
  • Thank god it's Friday. Soothe the night after the celebration wth a classic butterfly pea remedy.
  • Saturday night sure is the nicest night. Get it fully relaxed with a soothing purple lavender remedy.
  • Finally, it's Sunday.
    Whether the best Sunday morning or the worst Sunday night, let's not worry about tomorrow, 
    and enjoy a tasty red hibiscus remedy.