The Romeo & Juliet Project

  • The Artwork
    Proposed artwork for a large scale production of Romeo and Juliet at Chautauqua Institution. The production consisted of over 100 performers and combined the performing arts of Dance, Theater, Symphony and Opera. 
    These posters would have been screen-printed onto four various paper colors (representing each arts platform).
  • About The Romeo & Juliet Project
    The Romeo and Juliet Project is the first of a three-year approach to inter-arts collaboration. In 2014, the 200th anniversary of the publication of the two-volume journal recounting the Lewis and Clark expedition, we will produce “The Lewis and Clark Project,” and in 2015, Orff’s powerful Carmina Burana. Each project will arise authentically from within our artistic programs—the expressive power from Chautauqua’s own artists.
    The purpose of this effort is to illuminate for Chautauquans, for the media and for art lovers in general the extraordinary artistic capacity of this Institution. We invest in art and in artists. We believe that art and artists are keys to a society in touch with the human condition, with a capacity for empathy and open to critical reflection. We believe that unlocking imagination is vital to human development and genuine communication and to global development and competition.

    excerpt from Chautauqua Inter-Arts
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