Pencil & Charcoal

  • "Sumatran Roar"
    - Pencils of many tones.
    - Charcoal (natural and industrial).
    - One regular magnifier and a dual one that gives a big magnification (for the hair).
    - Mech pencils, including 0.3 for the hair.
    - Canson paper.

    Size: 40x40 cm
    Time: 40 Hours
  • "Broken and Dead"
    - 6h, h, HB, 3b, 8b.
    - 2h 0.3, 2b 0.5 mechanic.
    - Magnifier.
    - Drawing area is about A4 size.
    Size: 50 x 35
    Time: 17:30 Hours
  • My first Charcoal Drawing
    - Many pencils H - 8 B.
    - Charcoal (natural & Industrial).
    Size: 55x37.5 cm
    Time: 17  hours
  • An unknown photo of Pavarotti in his youth... I really wanted to draw a photo of him in his latest times though.
    - Mechanical  pencil.
    - 6H, H, HB, 3B, 4B, 6B, 8B pencils and graphite 
    - Magnifier.

    Size:  50x70 cm
    Time: +40 hours
  • "Pieta"
    My first serious pencil  - An unknown pieta painting, which made it more interesting to me - So I copied it for my fine art assignment.
    - HB, B3, B5,B6 Pencil and Graphit pencill.
    Size: 50x35 canson.
    Time: 42 Hours