T/F is an exploration of emotional ergonomics to help build empathy 
    for human-centered, inclusive design.

    As traditional ergonomics focuses on the physical interaction between human bodies and objects, emotional ergonomics pushes us to consider this interaction as a complex dialogue between body, object, heart, and mind.

    How does petting a cat make you feel? What about biting into a cheeseburger? Or making your bed? Interactions with objects make us feel different emotions. Some feelings are personal because we bring our own unique memories and associations to the experience. Some feelings are more universal based on shared references and experiences.

    Why does this matter to us as designers? It matters because we can only truly understand how people touch and feel objects if we also understand how the objects touch them and make them feel. And we can only truly optimize an ergonomic interaction if we understand the emotional context in which it occurs.

  • "Careful."
  • "So worth the calories."
  • "I know this isn't proper, but I'm just too damn hungry."
  • "Great party."
  • "Pure joy."
  • "I swear, this use to fit like a glove."
  • "I wish I'd changed my diet sooner."
  • "I'm so cultured."
  • "They're up to no good."
  • "Natures security blanket"
  • Where's my sanitizer?"
  • "This will get their attention."