Cascade: Inspiring Musical Expression

  • I was approached by students in the New Media program at RIT who needed help creating their installation for their exhibit at Imagine RIT. I thought the project was really cool, so I gladly volunteered to help.
    Cascade is a collaborative musical experience in which two people can create their own song using the screens. The interaction is made possible using PS3 eyetoys that track the movement of the user. Users can then download the song they create afterwards.
  • Full scale final installation, about 6ft tall.
  • Small scale 3D modeling
  • The back of the exhibit needed to be open so the cameras could track the movement of the user, as well as be able to project the interface on the display.
  • Refined small scale 3D modeling
  • Preliminary SolidWorks Model
  • Basic screen support frame built
  • Mapping out the decorative pieces
  • Screen 1 ready to paint!
  • Screen 2 in process
  • Screen 1 done! Getting set up for user testing.
  • Listen to some of the songs that were created here: