• "The sense of hearing striketh the spirit more immediately than any other senses."
    -Sir Francis Bacon
    Agency - Cactus
    Creative Director - Jeff Strahl
    Designer / Art Director - Josh Jevons
    Copywriter - Ricky Lambert
    Original Music: Robot Repair
    My Role:
    Concept Development
    Direct Mail Diesign
    Website Design
    Vinyl Jacket Design
    Video Direction
    Sound Design / Direction
    As humans we typically digest data in a visual way. In order to get people to think differently about the amazing processes, intricacies, and synchronicity of the human body, we took data from the body and translated it into sound. This is the sonic representation of the human body at work.
    We did this with the University of Colorado Hospital as a way to distribute their outcomes for the year. The Human Harmonic pays tribute to medical professionals everywhere.
    The visuals were inspired by cymatics, the study of visible sound vibration.
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