RIT SIS Interface Redesign

  • RIT SIS System Redesign
    User Interface Project
    The Student Information System (SIS) is the website used by students and faculty to help
    in the academic tasks, such as class enrollment, grades notification and see the schedule.
    The current website is very confusing and it does not represent RIT academic excellence.
    Project goals:
    • The RIT SIS system must be able to help students go through academic responsabilities
    as fast as possible;
    • Students should be able to customize their portal, in order to access the information they need easily;
    • The portal must reflect RIT’s academic excellence;
    • The students should know what to do when they need help.
  • My proposal:
    User case goal: Look for detailed grade information about one class.
  • Preliminar versions (different color palettes):
  • Here you can see the entire process
    with wireframes, site map and research:
    Thank you!
    Please, appreciate if you liked it :D