TimeSync | App Design

  • TimeSync is an application concept development and design done for my New Media Imaging class.
    As an international student, keeping in touch with people - whether they be back home or elsewhere in the world - is difficult because of the timezones.  The app I'm conceptualising is one that offers time zone synchronisation in the form of showing a calendar with shifted times so that the domestic time can align with the international times of others' calendars.  
    The app can facilitate the scheduling of events such that the user can check which time periods or slots are commonly available (or whether there is an overlap) for all parties involved, or simply allow the user to see what the corresponding international times are in other locations.  The user can do all of the above with individual friends or specified groups of friends, and there is an option to save planned events as shareable templates so that all of the people involved can confirm or reject their availability.
    The user will be able to visualise the timezone and calendar information by friends or by location (on a map or otherwise).