CB Beer Project on Adobe Illustrator (w/ Brainstorming)

  • The Brief:  Come up with 15-20 ideas, nicely sketch the top 10, and then render the top 
    6 Beer Inventions in Adobe Illustrator.  For this project I chose one of my personal favorite brands: Craft Brewers.
  • It all began with some ideation.  Some ideas are better than others, but it is good to brainstorm without judgement to begin the process.
  • After the ideation process was finished, I picked my top 11 designs and made a nicer drawing, considering line quality, line density, page layout, and idea clarity, to be a foundation for the Illustrator renderings.
  • After the better drawings were completed, I was able to take them into Illustrator to finalize the project (the Illustrator renderings are at the beginning of this project).