Lyrics | Stranger Than Earth

  • NOTE: It looks a lot better in HD! Watch it on Vimeo
    Objective: put some sweet lyrics into motion
    I chose a segment of "stranger than earth" by Purity Ring because that's what I'm into right now.
    I pulled from a variety of sources for inspiration, including Nuestra (on behance: ) and the album artwork itself for "another eternity." 
    Type includes various weights of DIN.
    I shot all of the background footage myself on an iPhone using acrylic paint on canvas. I read somewhere that this song was about how love is like a volcano (?)...and I suppose the paint sort of looks i guess that worked out nicely.
    Music and lyrics are not my own property. This piece was made with the intention of improving my skills while appreciating the talent of Purity Ring, so if you like what you hear then please check them out: