3D Samples | 3D Design

  • As a newcomer to 3D design (and thus, Cinema 4D), I was able to use spend a lot of time improving my learned skills in 3D. The projects below are those I am the most confident in.
    (These are just student projects - I am in no way affiliated with or representative of any brands represented through the following pieces of work.)
  • Ellie 
    Ellie was the final project for my Cinema 4D class. The prompt was to model a simple object, but create an animation (within C4D) and put it to music. 
    I chose to model a small elephant akin to the small wooden toys that children push around, and animate it such that it is clumsy, and falls. The notion of having it as a TV spot came later, as a cute way to end the animation.
  • We Protect Our City 
    In light of the Umbrella Revolution of 2014 that occurred in my home city, I modelled the symbol of the Revolution - an umbrella - with characters that write "We Protect Our City" on top. The yellow umbrella stands strong amongst the black ones, pushing the meaning behind the Revolution further.
  • Residential Inauguration 
    A project wherein I had to model, texture, and light a scene. Although I had initially chosen to model an airport lounge, I decided that the direction of a new residence/residential inauguration scene would allow for a bit more creative thinking.
    The first image below depicts a wide angle shot of the room, and the second depicts the final close-up image that pushes the idea of an inauguration more so than the former.
  • Christmas Eve 
    Our final practical for the class was to choose a US holiday and create a type-centric design for it. Because Christmas Day was too typical (this was completed in December), I chose to do Christmas Eve, anticipating the colours to include a deep blue with a hint of yellow. 
    The neon sign is the focal point, playing upon the lights that are put up during this holiday season.