M.E.E.R. e.V. Whale Protection

  • My film class in Dessau partnered with M.E.E.R.e.V., a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of whales and dolphins in the Canary Islands. While the film students flew to the islands to capture video and sound, other animators and I worked in Cinema 4D to create accompanying sequences for an overview of cetacean types, overfishing, and the dangers ferries pose.
    Our animation team met often to kept our styles consistent and I was not only able to learn more about 3D animation, but also help out those with less experience.

    M.E.E.R.e.V.’s director, marine biologist Fabian Ritter, met with our class throughout the semester. Despite requesting a few updates at the last minute, his feedback on the animation’s tone and direction was invaluable.
  • Initial mood directions
  • Storyboard
  • Animatic and script for the animation
  • Common colour scheme for all animations
  • Sperm whale
  • Traditional ferry
  • Fast ferry