S*A*T*delite DJ Battle

  • Music powers me and I’m almost never seen without my trusty headphones. That’s why in Dessau, I stepped out of my design comfort zone and took on a music and programming-based project.
    As a class, we acted as the video jocky for local DJ Dagobert: The Dagonaut,  who was scheduled to perform at the 900-year anniversary of nearby Köthen. With a LED spacesuit and a stage below the façade of the university, the Dagonaut wanted spacey visuals to match. We took it a step further and decided to let the music do the hard work – a projected, generative audiovisual experience for the festivalgoers.
    I joined Benni, Martin, and Kevin and after a day's worth of brainstorming, we had nailed down our theme of technologic vs. organic. With original research in hand, we divided up tasks: I was responsible for the 3D elements in our organic scene.
  • Technologic mood and reference images
  • Organic mood and reference images
  • Technologic sketches
  • Organic sketches
  • I applied my 3D design skills to model a scene that was then manipulated through MIDI input in Processing.
  • Organic scene colour palette
  • Test code for generative output
  • The rest of the class' work can be viewed here Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Timelab.
  • Working with more experienced programmers and modelers definitely helped me up my quality and it was an amazing payoff to see festivalgoers dancing through the night to the Dagonaut’s tunes with our work projected on the façade.