Travelocar Mobile App_ Prototype

  • Primary and secondary personas were established in order to spot the target users and their behaviour on booking cab through mobile app. Interviews and surveys helped to analyze the motivation and goal of the users. 
  • An elaborated user scenario, in the structure of storyboard, was built to know the story behind the specific user and their situation which draws them to use the Travelocar, online cab booking app.
  • Information architecture was constructed for Travelocar mobile app to organize and structure the user flow, in order to make the prototype more effective.
  • A low-fidelity prototype was sketched out to shape the user interface of the Travelocar mobile app. The pencil sketch of the mobile app aided to translate the ideas into a user interface form which eventually resulted in an effective and organized mobile app.
  • A final prototype of the Travelocar mobile app was created with an impressive user interface and a legitimate user flow that specifically focuses on space allocation and prioritization of content and compelling functionalities. Axure was used to create the prototype.
  • A clickable, interactive prototype was generated using InVision which helped our client to give feedback in more accessible way.
  • Please select the below link for Travelocar clickable prototype