KNMA Website_Prototype

  • Open Card Sorting method was practiced to build the structure of the KNMA website. One on ones session was conducted with stakeholders. Participants sorted the cards according to their own priority and grouped each content that made sense to them. 
  • After analysing with broad amount of participants through pragmatic methods such as card sorting and heuristic evaluation, a concluding Information Architecture was designed
  • A low-fidelity prototype with Pencil Sketch Wireframe was depicted in order to establish a format for the KNMA website with an accessible user interface. This was aided to ideate the concept to devise a user friendly website.
  • A Low-Fidelity Prototype was created with the help of Axure. A structured and organized wireframe with a legitimate user flow and with a smooth user interface was constructed inorder to design a user friendly responsive website. 
  • It was the best experience working in a collaborated team to build a finest user friendly responsive website. Pragmatic methods such as card sorting, heuristic evaluation, one on one interviews helped greatly to device an impressive user interface website.
  • Please click the below link to audit our successful KNMA website.