CD Package || Sandwich Farm

  • The num­bers on the tick­ets to Sand­wich Farm on the bot­tom of the design are birth­days of the four mem­bers in the band.
  • This EP cover was designed in two col­ors for screen­print. Printed with silver acrylic ink and blue plas­ti­sol inks in order to have the thicker pop-up effect on 18pt. French Mus­cle­tone Black recy­cled paper. Lim­ited edi­tion of 50. 
    This design was also printed on dif­fer­ent col­ored shirts.
    The ele­ments were derived from Mr. Donut’s song names and the album story found in the CD’s liner notes. Nin­jaV­i­sion, Sand­wich Farm, Piglet, Öven­sco­tia, and Gar­goyle are the titles of the tunes. The num­bers on the tick­ets to Sand­wich Farm on the bot­tom of the design are birth­days of the four mem­bers in the band.
    The full story and music can be found below. 
  • This design was also printed on dif­fer­ent col­ored shirts.
  • Adventures in Övenscotia
    Mr. Donut, very few know of his existence and even fewer have had the privilege of being in his presence. A man of few words, he nomadically travels the world, finding himself in daring situations and for some reason, he can't seem to stay out of trouble. Mr. Donut's adventures are transcribed by his disciples in a borderless form that can be universally understood and felt... music.


    Övenscotia is an island known by few more than the inhabitants themselves. Life is said to be easy there. Vegetation seems to grow as high as the sky so food and resources are abundant. The people of Övenscotia are very friendly. Music and dance are a way of life here, at least in most places. A group of hidden warriors protect the island from any unwanted inhabitants and see all, even when you think you are not being watched.

    On his trip into Övenscotia, Mr. donut faced weeks of dangerous travel by sea.


    After a full day of traveling through thick woods and open rolling hills that run for miles, Mr. Donut enters into town late in the evening. Before heading right to his temporary abode, he decides to take an unexpected detour and enjoys a couple glasses of "fruit malt" from the local tavern "The Gargoyle" which lives up to its eerie name.
    Inside is a poorly lit cesspool of artists and oddballs, they hang out in droves together at round tables that are randomly spread through the bar. Funny thing about fruit malts, it's not like any other drink I've had before: walls bend, colors blend, very little becomes of any importance. Many stories of Mr. Donut's travels are colorful and vivid, but one thing is for sure, Mr. Donut doesn't remember much from that night...


    The next morning, Mr. Donut felt as though he could conquer the world if he wasn' t so hung over. To start the day he decides to stroll through the local bazaar, a coffee in one hand and his satchel strapped tightly to his shoulder. The sun was particularly bright that morning and his head was killing him. Eccentric artwork and handmade crafts hang from the walls and are displayed on tables on each side of the busy alleyway. As he stopped to talk to a leather shop owner about purchasing a new bull whip, Mr. Donut noticed something out of the corner of his eye.

    A small piglet lays behind the table where the old man set up shop, he seemed shockingly unphased by the poor animals presence. She looked frail and weak, unable to move or acknowledge Mr. Donut or the shop owner. It was clear that this once fun loving animal suffered from long-term malnourishment and didn't seem to even have the motivation to move from where it lays. Without a second thought, Mr. Donut picked up piglet held her gently with his left arm, tucked firmly into his front breast and began his trip to somewhere he had heard about from the locals. A perfect spot for the piglet to not only recover, but stay and live a happy life. A place called Sandwich Farm.


    The road to Sandwich Farm is not direct. Even though the mountains of Övenscotia are known for being dangerous and seldom explored, all too often do people underestimate the danger of the creatures that lurk below the swampy marshes and dense woodlands that span throughout the island. The trip would take 2 days by foot and Mr. Donut was prepared to face anything from poisonous plants, fierce animals to getting lost in the forest with no sense of direction. Any small mistake could be fatal.

    As said before, Övenscotia is protected by a group of mysterious warriors known to have a divine knowledge of the land and of themselves. This ability is referred to as ninja vision and many tall tales are told at the local towns often dramatizing their abilities. These warriors are highly misunderstood and mystified. Very little is known about the group, but one thing is for sure, they simply live to protect the land and the laws of nature.

    On day 2 of the trip to Övenscotia with piglet held on his right arm, Mr. Donut's only worry was that piglet would not make it through the trip. With only a couple miles left to go, Mr. Donut heard a rustling of leaves behind him, whatever it was, it was approaching quickly and there was little time to react to the noise. With a quick turn, Mr. Donut caught out of the corner of his eye a masked man in the long robe that was a very similar dark green color that the environment appeared to be. Within a moment Mr. Donut braced himself for battle, sunk into his position and carefully decided how he would deal with the attacker. With skill and precision, Mr. Donut defeated the attacker with a series of parries and attacks he accumulated after many years of traveling other lands and learning their techniques. The masked attacker was found beheaded several days later by local goods salesmen, the battle is portrayed in a 7-minute piece named "Ninja Vision". 

    Sandwich Farm

    As the second day of traveling began to wind up, and the sun got close to setting, the two finally cleared the woodland and reached an open grass field where the sun could be seen gently setting into In the far distance. A small building could be seen on the horizon, it was hard to tell exactly how far away it was. Mr.Donut noticed the building was a large barn. The two had finally reached Sandwich Farm! As they got closer, the surrounding landscape could be more defined. Large trees carried exotic foods that could never be seen anywhere else. Hoagies hung from palms like banana trees, kaisers dangled upon tall hardwood trees and fell like apples, and veggie wraps grew from vines delicately grown up trusses, there were more varieties of ready to eat food than can be counted for.

    As dusk began to settle in and the sky became filled with colors of deep red and orange, Mr. Donut watched as piglet playfully ran throughout the premise, eating anything in site. Taking a bite of one thing and quickly being distracted by the sight of another. Piglet quickly found himself more fully than ever before, but after so long of malnourishment, she could not seem to stop, eating until she became so full and tired that she lays down next to her new friend, who she is deeply grateful for and indebted to for saving her life. Exhausted from the long trip and the encounter with the masked warrior, Mr. Donut sat down on a large, messy pile of hay, laying his satchel and whip beside him, something he hadn't done in a long time. After such and exciting and adventure-filled trip, finally, a time of respite had come upon them. Mr. Donut, exhausted, and piglet, full to sickness and ready to sleep it off, sat together and watched the sun set. With a sign of relief and a moment of taking in the surroundings Mr. Donut closed his eyes, laid back against the pile of hay and thought to himself "I think I'll stay a while"...