• Push 2016 
    Keetra Dean Dixon: Material and Digital Misuse 

    Students were assigned a material to experiment with through physical and digital misuse. Material and digital misuse describes the process of using traditional fine art and design methods to experiment with a material and create something new. The goal is to learn new techniques and methods of manipulation. 

    After experimenting and creating new textures, forms, bits, shapes, and parts, students were assigned another students' work to reuse to create a thank-you piece. Each thank-you honored the original designer's work. The thank-yous were presented at the end of the workshop. 

    My assigned material was marshmallows. Below are examples of material and digital misuse techniques I experimented with. My thank-you postcards used selected work from Jessica Torregrossa, Mimi Ace, Cameron Czadzeck, and Casira Cope. These postcards were presented to the designers at the end of the workshop.