National Taichung Theater Light Show / Taiwan

    “Fantastical Metamorphosis” is an event created by Subkarma for the Taichung City Government to celebrate the grand opening of the “Taichung Metropolitan Theater” designed by Japan’s Toyo Ito. Featuring 2 days of breathtaking “Facade Projection Mapping” and 2 months of interactive “Site-Specific Installations”, this launch is an opportunity to draw attention
    both locally and internationally to Taichung and its unique Theater.
    Taichung Metropolitan Opera House Light Show
    The Organizer / Taichung City Government
    主辦單位 / 台中市政府
    Agency / Subkarma
    承辦公司 / 薩巴卡瑪國際有限公司
    Role / 3D Animator
    負責事項 / 3D 動畫
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