Map Exhibition Project

  • I was given the task of coming up with a map display which incorporated representing a foreign city over the span of many years, along with the redesign of the map itself. The three panels were designed to stand alone, as well as being displayed as a series next to each other. Gentrification is a phenomenon which has been a buzzword recently and definetely intrigued me. I also was pretty familiar with what was happening in cities near me, so I wanted to focus on that in a city other than the usual US examples.  Paris, being one of the most popular and famous historic cities in the world, has been hit hard.  It was an excellent research opportunity, and enlightened me on some of the more dismal things happening in one of the world's cultural capitals, as well as all over the world.
     I wanted the map to be boiled down to pixel-esque squares that could be turned on or off, determining on the content they were representing.  I also wanted to show a basic diagram of Paris' iconic monument, the Eiffel Tower.  I was excited to learn little odd facts about the landmark, including the fact that it has operated as a television/radio tower for decades!