Fleecimals, My Business

  • In order to get better at sewing form, I started trying new mini projects, just small animals and I created patterns for them. These creatures have developed into a small business for me and my two employees and I have sold over 150 of them. I intend to sell many more at an upcoming convention.
     Find more at Fleecimals.com.
  • This is Fleecimals in action at various conventions. We work hard to strategically organize our booth to give our customers a variety in what they see.
  • I have worked with my business manager on branding and creating a name for Fleecimals. We have business cards, tags, banners, posters and more.
  • Since growing my business, I translated all of my original paper patterns so that I can laser cut the fabric. This allows for a faster manufacturing time, as well as accuracy in pattern cutting.
  • The original Fleecimal was the octopus. We now have many colors and sizes and they are made by seamstress. Teaching another my technique helped to streamline the process. 
  • Several of our plushies have function. I have designed Ouchie the octopus, this little bandaged octopi are filled with a special blend of rice that allows the user to put them in both the microwave or the freezer. I have also developed screen cleaning sting rays with a micro-fleece bottom, and we were the first to create a reversible octopus.
  • Since we started in 2016, we have developed various plushies which include, but are not limited to, elephants, cacti, squid, clams. fried eggs and avocados.