Fire Hydroctopus

  • The goal of this project was to create a character by combining two completely unrelated things from real life. I tried a number of different approaches but I decided to pursue the idea of a Fire Hydrant - Octopus hybrid.
  • First I blocked out the model using a fire hydrant image for reference.
  • Next I fleshed out the fire hydrant model a bit more, and added primitive tentacles.
  • I then finalized the fire hydrant model, and added a slight tilt to the bottom of it to add a bit of liveliness to the character.
  • I then created a chain rig by creating a skeleton parented to the chain links and then used an IK handle to curve it. Next, after modeling the tentacle, I rigged it to a linear skeleton controlled by a spline IK handle, which caused the skeleton to be controlled by a NURBS curve.
  • Finally, I added the chain links, and posed the tentacles in dynamic positions. Then I added materials and portrait-style lighting.