• Client:
    BMW of North America -
    BMW X5 – newly redesigned
    Too Fast
    The assignment:
    Figure how to sell the key benefit of BMW's new product, the X5.
    People like fast, so I decided to emphasize the 0-60 in 4 secs as not many other SUVs can do the same.
  • The product:
    Converse boots

    The goal:
    The company wants more people under 30 to be aware of these boots as fashion wear.
    The assignment:
    We had to come up with an ad for Converse based on one of the categories:
    I choose fact-based as I knew Converse had a rich history. 'Merica!
  • Client/product: 
    Christmas candy (either an individual type or an entire brand)
    Produce a 6-second video ad
    The assignment:
    Develop a storyboard and shoot a video commercial for candy.
    -Video must clearly be selling a product or the idea of a product
    -Opening shot must have a title or something making it clear what the ad is about
    -Closing shot must include student’s name and the hashtag #ritad
    I choose York because I knew it was a christmas candy. It has mint and coconut as the ingredients so I decided to play with those ingredients by turning them into background elements. At the time of this assignment, winter was coming so I wanted to portray that. Here's the result