Youth Ambassador Program

  • I was selected to be on a committee of six as the Public Relation Coordinator. Responsibilities include but not limited to:
    -Develop an editoral calendar and keep it updated
    -Manage YAP's social media pages
    -Create graphics
    -Outreach to interested candidates
    -Present the program at NTID/RIT. 

    Milestones achieved:
    -More than doubled YAP's Facebook fans
    -Implemented and made visible YAP's Twitter page
    -Gained 7,200 impressions for YAP's promo video featuring Jason Listman
    -Got 16 applicants to apply for the first round of the competition
  • To introduce all the contestants on stage, I created 1 minute clips for each person. The goal of these videos was to show the audience a little glimpse into their lives.