Stefan Sagmeister | Poster Design


    The objective of this project was to create a design a poster for lecture series (by a designer of our choice) focusing on type hierarchy. The poster design was to be influenced by previous research and presentation on the chosen designer.


    The presentation discussed Stefan Sagmeister's influence, life and work, and lent itself to the poster design. 

    From a designer he always challenged the status quo and never changed his ideas and thought to fit the societal norms,  the biggest take away is a quote from his own diary- "ASSUMING IS STIFFLING". This is what I decided to name the lecture series. ​​​​​​​ Stefan is known for his out of the box and eccentric designs. I thus made an attempt to create the same in the preliminary comps.


    For the final design I decided to create a poster taking inspiration from Stefan's famous handwritten typeface and the free flow form he uses in his posters.