2D Design

  • This is my work from my 2D Design class first semester of freshman year. All projects were done in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Line Rhythm Series: Create a three panel connected line series, with each panel depicting three different emotions using various forms of lines. My emotions were envy, lost, and reassurance. The line goes through a journey as it travels through the panels, starting off as wispy and curly and ending bold and straight.
  • Landscape Abstraction:  Black and white abstract landscape. Recreated the graveyard from my childhood home with a comic book-like texture and feel.
  • Portrait Translation Series: Black and white abstrac portraits, one using lines and shapes and the other using values.

  • Textile/Pattern Project: Creating imagery with the use of a 4x5 textile grid and different textures/patterns.
  • Color Wheel Project: Creating a unique illustration/design/pattern to show the color principles. Used monochromatic, achromatic, and chromatic color schemes.

  • Warm/Cool Colors: Abstract representation of warm and cool colors through two pieces.