Artist Lecture Series Poster Design

    The assignment was to research an influential designer and create a poster advertising a hypothetical lecture at our school. I chose Paula Scher because I admire her design and her determination as well as her willingness to explore and always be pushing herself to expand her horizons.
    The theme I followed for the lecture was that design should be serious rather than solemn. I created three titles inspired by this theme and quotes from Paula Scher: Serious, Unqualified, and Make It Bigger. 
    Below are my exploration sketches.
  • In creating inspiration boards for this project I wanted to use elements from Scher's work. I especially loved the bold colors she uses and the brash expressive type. 
  • Preliminary Comps 
  • Final Designs
  • Demonstration of how the primary final design can be displayed in such a way that attracts more attention and is visually more interesting and engaging.