RIT Student Government Rebranding

  • The RIT Student Government Rebrand project is a comprehensive look at the brand of Student Government and the way that the brand is helping the organization speak to students. The Student Government messaging and look were inconsistent and ten years outdated with the organization itself. The rebrand seeks to build a whole system, so Student Government can be recognized in many different mediums.

    Target Audience
    18-25-year-old RIT Students, RIT Faculty and Staff, Other colleges (faculty, staff, and students)
  • Logo ideation. After the sketches, I made a bunch of logo ideas in Illustrator, exploring typography, what space the logo created, and more.
  • Logos for SG's Services were modified to fit one cohesive look and feel, between the new logo and to create a standard for future services logos. (Majority of logos created by Brandon Edquist, OpenEvals created by Andrea Shaver).
  • The logo is flexible to allow for different images, uses, and colors, depending on the situation. Logos and colors were picked for each SG committee so that each can have their own identity for their initiatives.