Le Sel Packaging

  • Le Sel makes premium chocolate-covered pretzel wands that are thinner and more refined than average “pretzel rods,” and are more upscale by having higher-quality toppings for each flavor. By using organic and fair-trade ingredients, it is also healthier than other sweet snacks. 
    I designed the logo, and the branding and package design was created with the help of two other Graphic Designers: Joe Hodapp and Annie Wong, whereas the package design was created by a Packaging Science major: Sydney Ryan. 
  • Le Sel Pretzel Wands come in a hexagonal-shaped package, making it transportable. When you pull the lid up, the pretzel wands fan out for easy access; consumers control over their portion size. The package is both aesthetically pleasing and makes the food shareable; it a great gift for any occasion. It can be reused as a decorative storage container, and because each flavor will feature a different color palette, it is collectible. It is also easy to recycle.
  • Our hand-lettered logotype and mono-width ornamentation are delicate and modern, taking inspiration from the French Cabaret. The name “Le Sel” translates to “Salt” in French, alluding to the sea salt on our pretzel wands as well as the saltiness of a regular pretzel. The refined color palette differs based on the flavor of the pretzel wands.
  • Holidays and special occasions present a great opportunity for product expansion. This is what a peppermint flavor could look.