Reimagining myCourses | Web & UX

  • Reimagining MyCourses

    An intuitive online course and task management tool that encourages streamlined collaboration, and enhances student-faculty engagement in an innovative higher education private institution.

  • Prototype of my myCourses solution

  • RIT is a community of career-oriented students, and there is a need to get students to engage and get better results using an efficient course management tool.

  • Process

  • The new information architecture ensures that the project goals are met, in order to deliver students and faculty a more efficient management system. 

    The new flow also addresses concerns raised in the Research stage, namely in regards to accessibility and the potential usability of features.

  • Visual
  • Design

    Inspired by clean dashboard interfaces, especially task planning applications, the style of this design is intended to be distraction-free and minimal, placing emphasis on crucial information such as due dates, content types, and call-to-actions.

  • Solution

    While the functionality of the application was mostly set in stone by the time high-fidelity wireframes were complete, a lot of time was put into adjusting the colours and visual details of page elements. Making sure the important elements were brought forward in hierarchy without distractions was a priority.

  • Every higher education institution strives to give their students the best tools to facilitate success.

    This reimagination of MyCourses provides students and faculty with a professional-looking, efficient, and collaborative course management tool that supports quality higher education.

    Redesigning MyCourses pushed me to reconsider many facets of the application’s intended functionality, as well as the usage patterns of my peers, in order to design an experience that is well suited to them but also promotes the platform itself as a successful educational tool.

    Ethelia Lung

    Fall 2016

    10 weeks