Deus Aurei Sanguinis

  • While this became a full-fledged project in my Hard Surface Modeling class, the design of the character itself actually originated in my Character Design class that happened a semester before. The primary of influences when I made this design were Kingdom Hearts and Ornstein from Dark Souls.
  • Lambert render with Mental Ray. The pink/tanish color is actually a human model that I imported from the content browser within Maya for proportion reference.
  • My meshes felt a little dense, especially with smooth preview and using the crease tool. But because this wasn't Real Time I didn't really need to worry about that. I do wonder if there was a better way to get the eye slits in the helmet without having denser geometry result from it. 
  • This was an experimental render within Keyshot. In addition to having some difficulty importing the textures I created in Substance Painter, the material and lighting made it look more like a toy or an action figure than a soldier in a suit of armor. 
  • These renders were made using Mental Ray. Because of time constraints I just used the Sun and Sky option instead of creating my own lighting. 
  • Of all of my time constrained Mental Ray renders I like this one the best. It shows off the texturing I did, the angularity of the modeling, and the hair which was a first for me. The cape could have benefited from a higher resolution texture though.
  • These next renders were also done in Mental Ray, but this was after the fact so I created my own lighting setup including an HDR image for better lighting quality.