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    china's carbon emission problem

    To battle China's growing issues with carbon emissions our group created the workshop Breathe & Speak. We received 'China' as our target country and 'elderly populations' as our target audience. Breathe & Speak: One World, One Atmosphere, One Country is a workshop that targets elderly citizens in an attempt to educate through community efforts. We focus on elderly citizens due to their importance in Chinese communities and their ability to connect with family generations, themselves, and their personal communities. 
  • video: Breathe & Speak Concept Video
  • The Concept

    Breath & Speak is a workshop where elders and community members can come together and learn about carbon emissions and carbon footprints. This workshop will take place in Baoding, China before moving on to other cities. The workshop incorporates a video, discussion, and lessons. During the discussion, we hope that elders would share experiences with their community members or family members. At the end of the workshop, participants can take home an informational pamphlet about the workshop’s lessons. These elders would then leave the workshop with carbon footprint lessons in mind to teach their community about individual impacts on climate change.

    CoolEffect will host the workshop. This organization's goal is to lower carbon emission rates through community efforts. There are a quarter billion citizens in China above the age of 60. These elderly citizens tend to live with each other or alone, with family members, in nursing homes, and in temple sanctuaries. We are choosing to target groups in large cities for the scope of our project. We chose to utilize storytelling, as it is an important aspect of Chinese culture. Storytelling allows cultural lessons to be passed down through generations. During our project, we also took into consideration China's censorship laws and our goal is to encourage citizens to take individual actions towards climate change. 

    Our project aims to: motivate the elderly to fight climate change, increase public awareness of how to reduce emission rates, and extend climate change lessons to family and community members. 
  • Workshop Animation Storyboard / Lessons / Takeaway Pamphlet
  • The animation tells the story of a man growing up during China’s industrial revolution. As a boy, the man wears a white shirt and as the story progresses the shirt gets progressively darker. It transforms from a white shirt to a dark grey shirt symbolizing the amount of carbon pollution in the air.  The boy watches his landscape turn from farmland to an industrialized city. During his life, he has a daughter. The daughter is born with a grey shirt that progressively becomes darker. The man reflects to his daughter and explains to her what the landscape was like when he was a boy. The man continues to age as his health declines due to the environment. The daughter sees her father’s health change due to the poor air quality and focuses on changing her community’s future so that future generations won’t have to live in a polluted city. She becomes an educator and gives lessons on individual efforts to change air pollution. The last scene shows a black shirt that is slowly becoming light grey at the corner.

    The animation will be followed by a Discussion and Lessons forum. 
  • Advertising

    To get community members to our event, we chose to use traditional print flyers that honor the visual theme of Chinese posters: typographical with minimal imagery and straight to the point. These flyers would be passed to community members through community centers, libraries, grocery stores, and other public areas.

    We took advantage of an opportunity to inform international viewers about individual climate change initiatives. Our advertising includes both print and digital pieces for this part of our project. The print posters use imagery of Chinese citizens with questions to prompt insight and constructive thinking. A link to the workshops website would be included on the posters. Viewers could then visit this website, learn about the workshop, and hopefully choose to donate towards the project. This web page would also include the lessons taught at the workshops, recordings of the workshop, and workshop attendee interviews. The digital advertising attempts to do this as well, but it incorporates a recording of one of the workshop attendees and a daily weather report of Baoding. The weather report records the levels of smog for the present week. Using pathos and empathy we hope that viewers will become more aware of climate change and actively choose to make a difference.
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  • video: Digital Advertising