The Creature: Subject to Change

  • Game Description
    You play as "The Creature" who’s creator was recently murdered by villagers that were not fond with "The Doctor's" desire to tamper with nature and create life. Achieve your revenge on the murder of your father by doing the same upon the villagers.
  • Contributions & Roles
    Game Development:
    - Modular body part detachment & reattachment
    - Animation preservation between body part swaps
    - Animation state handling & logic
    - Projectile impalement
    - Weapon logic
    - Enemy AI

    Tool Development:
    - Model2BodyPart: Took a segmented character model which was requested to be created with specific naming conventions and assigned appropriate relationships between associated body parts and their joints. Each body part was then also created into a prefab and had a preview image generated to be used by the UI. Saved a lot of time compared to manual joint assignment and prefab creation which allowed for quick integration of new and tweaked models during early stages of development.
    - FreezeScale: Took a model which was scaled up or down in Unity and performed an operation similar to "Freeze Transformations" in Maya. This was required due to an odd bug pertaining to parent child relations with Rigidbody and non-Rigidbody scaled game objects.

    - Assigned tasks that best fit the strengths of each team member. 
    - Maintained a spreadsheet of task priorities. Ensured that everyone was up to date with this spreadsheet at weekly meetings.
    - Communicated heavily with the 3D character modeler to ensure compatibility with the modular body part system
  • Game & Body Part Detachment Demonstration
  • Early Development Videos
  • Credits
    Aliaksandr Shumski - UI, Grapple Hook, Game Design
    John Milligan - Level Design & Creation, Environmental Scripting, Game Design
    Lily Smith - Environment Modeling/Texturing (Buildings, Terrain, etc)
    James Ijoma - Character and Weapon Modeling/Texturing
    Geraldine Dang - Environment Modeling/Texturing (Lab Equipment, Smaller Assets, etc)

    Special Thanks
    Jessica Bayliss - This game was created as a part of RIT's IGM Production Studio under Professor Bayliss
    Joseph Lu - An inspiring hard worker
    All those who play tested our game both in class and at imagineRIT!

    Code & Download