• Transmettre un savoir-faire par un objet connecté.
    Transmit a know-how through a connected object.

    Projet de fin d'études
    End of study project

  • "The preservation and enhancement of heritage is a major concern of the French, but we live in a world that is increasingly attached to new technologies. 
    So we should be concerned about those heritages which no longer carry a modern image of their heritage but which nevertheless have potential for the 
    future. "   Can we revalue a heritage?

  • "Cognac is both a product and a place. Like Champagne, Cognac takes its name from its place of birth. While all spirits distilled
     from fruits can be called brandy, cognac comes from one place: Cognac, in the region of the two Charente in France."

    "The creation of cognac is a complex process that requires extreme skill and attention to detail. Leading this process is the work
     of experts who guide all aspects of craftsmanship "

  • Problématique
  • How to enhance Cognac's heritage through new technologies?
  • Le concept - bouteille connectée
    The concept - connected bottle
  • "Glass is a hard, fragile and transparent material. " Study of the matter and the dynamics of fluids.
  • For cognac, it is preferable to use solid cylindrical plugs, that is to say made of solid cork. Both lung and filter, the cork stopper allows a circulation of gas
    between the spirit and the external environment
  • "As a craftsman teaches his apprentice"
    Liqueur de chai teaches you the know-how of master blender.
    Through its recipes to discover the flavors and values of cognac.
    By your creative desires for your assemblages and to build the cognac we want

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