Alphabet typeface design 字体设计

  • Alphabet brand Identity   字体设计
    Font design
    Jun. 2016  贰零一陆年陆月

    Duration: 2 months   Nov. 2015                                    Project type: Individual project 
    Software: Adobe photoshop, illustrator                         My role: Visual design
    Design Scope: Design research, Brand design, font design

    Use illustration to design brand new decoration style font, I add animal and plant elements into each letter. Hope this typeface will attract children and evoke their interest to learn English.
    采用插画形式设计出含有动植物元素的装饰字体, 希望这种字体能吸引孩子,并激发他们学习英语的兴趣。

    How to express unique characteristic of each animal? How to arrange the canvas?
    如何准确表达每种动物的特征, 如何把握好点线面的关系。

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