• CNT-YUNNAN Travel Magazine     CNT旅游杂志云南篇

    Duration: 2 months   Nov. 2015                                    Project type: Individual project 
    Software: Adobe photoshop, illustrator                         My role: Ideation, sketching, visual design
    Design Scope: Design research, Brand design, Layout design

    The magazine is Yunnan-themed to introduce China’s magnificent scenery to foreigners, through various columns that showcase scenery spots, ethnic culture and food. It aims at letting the world see the beauty and diverse culture of Yunnan.

    Layout  is extremely detail-oriented. Although it seems easy with mere placement of characters and pictures, it is actually difficult to make every detail perfect by carefully adjusting the page header, typeface, line type, hierarchy and picture size...

    In order to improve my work efficiency, I drew several pages in my sketch book and tried to place the characters and pictures. Finally I carefully selected parts of them to be used in magazine, which saved a lot time in revising. As for cover design, I preferred artistically processed pictures than using photo directly, which looked more colorful and unique like oil painting.  In the pages inside, I not only used the software guidelines to make the text consistent with the fundamental rhythm and orderly principles, but also used more lively and bold layout design to make the details more abundant and flexible. Meanwhile in order to make the page harmonious, I adjusted the pictures in the same hue, decorated with some blocks of color, and made the pages look uniform and beautiful.

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