JUJU IMSV® Branding

  • Logo and corporate identity for juju | imsv

    JUJU IMSV is a VR office of JuJu Media, a software developer based in London. The company offers cinematic quality VR solutions for a number of industries. JUJU IMSV uses top-of-the-range technologies to create VR&AR tours for all major HMDs, such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard. We designed a logo, corporate identity elements, and marketing materials for the studio.
  • Minimalist symbol. Deep meaning.

    The company’s symbol is two square brackets turned outwards inside a red circle. The symbol visualises the company’s aspiration to push the boundaries of reality and enable users to explore a whole new world. In a more straightforward sense, the symbol reads like letter “I” that stands for “immersive.”
  • Images revealing the essence.

    Working on the marketing concept, we came up with a number of simple, easy-to-understand images associated with the brand. Plus, we found a way to integrate the corporate identity elements into the images. It looks like the brackets frame the objects in the images. This is a great way to show that, although virtual, the objects fit reality really good.
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