• The assignment for this group project was to create either a shade or warming structure to be figuratively placed in a real location, likely around Rochester, NY. The structure must provide protection against the elements, and may range in size from small to expansive depending upon the circumstances decided upon by the team members. A target market should be selected, and some examination of the selected users performed. Reasons for the structure’s placement in the desired location, technological considerations, benchmarking, material decisions and construction understanding should be analyzed and portrayed through the project’s progress and completion.
  • Genesee Valley Park has good facilities throughout its location. However, we believe these
    facilities are too dispersed in some areas of the park, most notably near the playground in the
    northern portion. If children need to reach a shelter, they have to walk a long distance.
    Parents watching their children have to remain in the elements in order to watch from a
    closer, guardian worthy, proximity. A shelter is needed nearby to provide for these users as
    well as any secondary users walking by the location looking for protection from the elements.
  • Our final structure is simple, light, and playful. It utilizes simple cubes intersected for unity, aesthetic, and function. Our structure is meant to be clearly associated with the play area, while not dominating so much as to take away from the value of the playground and grassy spaces.