• 10/6/17 I didn't get as far as I would have liked today. I ran into a problem with my xGen grass where no matter what I did, Maya would not render it in the preview window. I cleaned up my outliner and it somehow fixed that particular problem. Im assuming there was some bad history on the mesh that needed to be cleaned up. On the other hand, I could not figure out how to get the grass texture to separate into sections using shaders.what I wanted was a gradient texture on the blade of grass individually, then as a group I wanted sections that were darker and sections that were lighter. The only way I got this to work was splitting the mesh and creating two separate grass descriptions. I like the result, but wish I could have found another way around it. Its probably simpler than I thought. The blue Truffula tree I love and is going to stay that way, but the smaller red and yellow truffula tree needs some work. Currently its too perfect. I would like to add more randomness (and possibly thickness) to the tree.
  • 10/3/17 Got a little excited about fur generation with xGen and rendering with Renderman since I haven't used them before, so I decided to give them both a try. My first initial reaction towards both plug-ins is why didn't I have this before. It was amazing how quickly I could generate fun and render it within seconds. (960x540 for testing purposes. Not HD, but still quick) My previous experience with mental ray related fur generation was complicated and took forever. These plug-ins really changed the way I looked at rendering and FX. Im pretty excited how much further I can take this project.
  • 10/2/17 So I did a quick scribble coloring to see what colors I wanted where, but then decided I didn't like what I was doing and went back to Maya... so ill just leave this here
  • 10/1/17 My plan of action from this point:
    1) Add windows/doors to house
    2) Add Truffula Trees
    3) Add more smaller flowers throughout 'lawn area'
    4)Decide if I am going to use Renderman for Maya or VRay for Rhino (Using a Mac)
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