• 3D or Real?
    Change Your Perspective, Change The Way You See

    Before I couldn't even fathom how people approached 3D art. This semester I finally got to DAB-ble into the medium. Although I found it to be tedious and rendering is a pain, the results are strikingly rewarding. Through out the process, I find that even the most mundane objects appear striking under the right lighting and composition, ultimately challenging my perspective. The following are some of my favorite results, modeled with Cinema4D and light touch ups in Photoshop.
  • Project #1 - Mechanical Pencil
    This was my first model in Cinema4D. The mechanical pencil's small nooks and crannies would be interesting to build. For the final, I decided to exaggerate the size of the pencil and parallel it to an airplane. I thought it was an interesting play on words since the brand is "Pilot."
  • Project #2 - A Corner
    The project prompt was to create a corner that told a story. I thought of themes of Spring, rejuvenation, and new beginnings. I wanted to keep a minimal room and use lighting to create mood. (The pictures below are lighting trials, and the final is the following picture.)
  • Project #3 - 69 Cherry
    I was inspired by the cherry's promiscuous connotation in pop culture. I also thought it was fun and quirky that the form of the cherries look like the number "69."
  • Other Models

    The following are models that don't belong to a larger project, and some I made just for fun.
  • Animating in Cinema4D
  • My Takeaway

    I didn't think I'd ever delve into 3D. Yet, here I am and there's a whole new world to discover. I definitely see more 3D in my future ( if I can ever get it to run on my computer). And I learned that it's always a good idea to try new mediums and continuously sharpen your skill set. Often times, I felt like just doing a mediocre project, but I remembered to do everything with 100%, even things I hate, or not do them at all.