Metaproject 08, Designing Dining

  • My senior studio in the fall of 2017 was Metaproject 08. The partner for the course was RIT ID alumnus, Charles Cerankosky. A Rochester local, Charles creates holistic dining experiences at his 3 restaurants: CureGood Luck, and Radio Social
    The final deliverable for this course was a fully realized dining experience that manifested in a special dinner at Good Luck Restaurant.  Through lots of hard work, ideation, and collaboration between my 17 classmates, we created a dining experience for our 60 esteemed guests on December 17, 2017. We were honored to have RIT's President, Provost, the Dean of the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, and the Chair of the School of Design present at this dinner that, in my humble opinion, was a huge success. 
    Although the entire night was a true group effort, my personal responsibilites included brand coordinating, poster and graphics curating, and parking lot signage design/fabrication. 
    We are lucky enough to have had Alex Freeman, RIT Industrial Design alumnus and now videographer, join us for the night of our event. I am excited to share this video with you in the future what will highlight the key aspects of the dining experience we designed together. 
    In the mean time, please feel free to scroll through some of the pictures below that show our teamwork and process as we ideate, iterate, and set up for this special event. All of the "Night Of" images are curtosey of Elizabeth Lamark and all of our process shots are by my talented classmate, Dan Noppenberger. 
  • Process:
    Photography by Dan Noppenberger
  • Night Of:
    Photography by Elizabeth Lamark
  • Thank you.