BreatheBuddies Stress Balls + Breathing Guide

  • Do you practice mindfulness as part of your routine?  If not, you should look into it!  
    The practice of being mindful and living in the moment has a number of benefits, including increased productivity, improved focus, relaxation, happiness, and more.  

    I created the animation below using a combination of Hand-Drawings, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Animate CC as part of the branding for my start-up, BreatheBuddies.  We are dedicated to promoting the awareness of the benefits of mindfulness and creating an easy-to-understand entry point, first focusing on the breath.

  • By practicing mindful breathing, you can experience benefits such as improved happiness, better sleep, strengthened immune system, and improved concentration.
  • As a promotional item, my partner (Mariana) and I 
    hand-cast these colorful, squishy silicone stressballs to get our branding out there!
  • The image below is a teaser for our upcoming product and the star of the show:

    A squishy, phone-free, rechargeable device that uses lights and vibration patterns to guide users through relaxing breathing exercises.
  • If everyone in the world took a moment to take 10 deep, mindful breaths, would that be enough to change the world for the better?

    We want to find out.
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