BreatheBuddies - Tools for Mindfulness

  • BreatheBuddies is my startup company, dedicated to designing tools to help teach and practice wellbeing of both the body and mind.

    Our first mindfulness product is a phone-free, squishy stressball-like device that guides users through relaxing breathing exercises using lights and vibration patterns!
  • This tool will allow people to step away from their phones and focus on themselves and their surroundings in the present moment.

    I also created some breathing rhythms for social media.
    Try the exercise below to relax.
  • Do you practice mindfulness as part of your routine? 
  • By practicing mindful breathing, you can experience benefits such as improved happiness, better sleep, strengthened immune system, and improved concentration. You also start to calm your body and mind, putting yourself in a great state to start observing and appreciating the present moment.
  • As a promotional item, my partner (Mariana) and I 
    hand-cast these colorful, squishy silicone stressballs! (below)

  • These stress balls were the perfect user testing tool to give the users an idea of the form while working on the electronics.  The working units are expected to launch in 2019!

    If everyone in the world took a moment to take 10 deep, mindful breaths, would that be enough to change the world for the better?

    We want to find out.
    Check out more info at: