• Ora’s branding process reveals an opportunity.  

    The DesignLights Consortium (DLC), a non-profit organization and champion of energy efficiency in the commercial lighting industry, asked Ora to reenergize their brand.  A small team of highly motivated industry experts, the DLC has grown from a start-up into the leading resource in the US and Canada for rigorous evaluations of lighting products.  The time had come for their brand to catch up with their progress.  

    Ora created a new brand identity that reflects the DLC’s mission and professionalism. The new tagline, “Bringing efficiency to light,” captures the brand’s promise to provide expertise, tools, and open dialog to drive efficiency in commercial lighting. 
    The bright color palette of the logo reflects the passion and optimism of the brand. The colors are warm and inviting, subtly reinforcing the collaborative nature of the DLC’s process. It’s geometric letter forms project a sense of competence and reliability. The radiant lines are symbolic of the DLC’s mission to drive efficient lighting.