Stache Passions Logo Concept

  • Stache Passions

    These are two logo concepts for a website called Stache Passions, a social networking website for people who have an appreciation for mustaches. This project's purpose was 
    to choose a website and create two logos, one more abstract and one representational. 

    The first logo is meant to show a mustache along with a heart to clearly link the image 
    with the website name. I added a monocle to make the logo a little more interesting 
    and make the image more classy. I chose the colors red and purple because they are passionate colors that make the mustache pop.

    The second logo came from the idea that when I think of passion, I think of fire. I chose 
    to combine a mustache and fire into one image and used the same color palette as I did 
    for the first.