• Cape Town Makers Promotions
    This project was a dream for us, not only because David is a treat to work with but because the subject matter allowed for the handmade approach I always crave - we let the look and feel of the promo be influenced directly from the colors and craft found within the series of images and pulled in Instagram images to allow for a more personal, travel journal feel. See the slideshow below for the full book and head to his Vimeo to see some of these Makers in action.

    DETAILS: Perfect Bound Booklet / Magcloud Digest - 5.25" x 8.25"/ 26 pages
  • "This past March I traveled to Cape Town, South Africa to photograph & film more than a dozen artists, artisans, and designers for West Elm and Hand/Eye Magazine. West Elm is doing one of its largest collaborations with artists & designers from South Africa. Hand/Eye Magazine, whose mission is to showcase art, culture, and craft from around the world is dedicating its next issue entirely to South Africa. This is just a brief look at the many extraordinary and talented people I met." - David Land​​​​​​​