Corner & Compass | DIVERSITY IN DESIGN

  • Corner & Compass
    Corner & Compass celebrates diversity: great design and interesting personalities. 
    A project from New York-based photographer and director David A. Land about representation in the design word. 
    First, we started with a logo that reflected the handmade, maker driven content contained within. 
  • We approached the website with the same mindset. Since the project would continue to grow, we wanted to build off a website platform that would allow easy updates and secure hosting for years to come. Squarespace gave us this & we we're able to create a online portfolio that is both modern and natural in feel. Please take a look, click thumbnails to explore more below... ​​​​​​​

  • "I appreciate design, I appreciate new points of view, and I know how lucky I am that I'm given the opportunity to do what I do. I also know that the world you see in the pages of magazines isn't always the world we actually live in. Representation isn’t important for its own sake, it's important because it validates who we are. When my kids look at the world around them, I want them to be able to recognize themselves in the faces they see."