• metaproject 08
  • My Role

    I served as the graduate teaching assistant for this course, and was involved through every step of the project, helping the professor, sponsor, and students alike.

    As a teaching assistant, I worked inside and outside of class times, even running some classes completely during the semester. I worked with the professor to layout class action plans and deadlines, and was always present to aid in consistent weekly instruction. Metaproject 08 was created and performed in the fall of 2017, and in the spring of 2018, shared with visitors of the annual Design Week in New York City.

    click to learn more about the metaproject series.
  • Sharing the Story

    Following the fall semester and event, the story of metaproject 08 was captured in a book and exhibition co-designed by the professor, an undergraduate graphic designer, and myself.
  • Executing a Showcase

    The successful design was exhibited at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) during the 2018 Design Week in New York City. I helped guide the setup, execution, and closure of the showcase.
  • Industry Experience

    The course and following showcase provided students with industry experience and further exposure to the design world. students learned to share their work through a succinct and 
    engaging story.
  • Process Photos

    (credit Dan Noppenberger and Brendan T. Murphy)