RIT Behind the Bricks Work Compilation

  • I work as a photographer and designer for RIT Behind the Bricks. RIT Behind the Bricks is a team 
    of writers, photographers, designers and videographers that work to show what is happening on the RIT campus and to share things that will engage student and employee attention. 

    I work to make several social media segments and do anything photography or design related for our social media platforms.

    One of our social media segments is "What is it Wednesday?" For this segment, I take photos 
    of things on the RIT campus. The close-up photos are posted and students try to guess what the 
    close-up photo is of. Several hours later we reveal the full photo.

  • I am in charge of finding archival photos and taking new photos for our social media segment, Throwback Thursday. This segment showcases old photographs taken of RIT events and students and compares them to current day photos of the campus.

  • I also take general photos for articles:

  • I make graphics for articles, video thumbnails and social media posts:

  • ​​​​​​​
    I often create graphics for Finance and Administration departments that need to spread the word about certain topics.

    This is a graphic for an email send out by the RIT Inn. Many of the designs I create for Finance 
    and Administration have to adhere to RIT's brand and color scheme.