Crazy Rich Asians | Publicity Design

  • The Event
    A movie screening of Crazy Rich Asians at RIT, co-sponsored by the Asian-American fraternity Lambda Phi Epsilon and Dragon Palace, a local Chinese restaurant.

    Publicity formatted for flyers, Instagram, LCD screens, a Facebook event banner, sandwich boards and the RIT College Activities Board website.

    My Idea
    Play with the movie title using symbolism: I chose to illustrate a precious stone to reflect riches, and a peacock feather to represent Asians. The symbol choices and the flat graphic style were inspired by the book cover art for Kevin Kwan's "Crazy Rich Asians" trilogy, and the movie posters.

  • LCDs and flyers included all relevant details.

  • Instagram squares and web banners were posted on platforms where details were in the descriptions. The sandwich board only had essential information, for display at the location on the event date.

  • The Facebook banner needed only the main graphic; details would be on its event page.

  • Process Thoughts
    While illustrating the gem, I found that the slightest change in angles or the slope of lines drastically changed the geometry of and relationship between the gem's internal shapes, throwing off visual balance - it took plenty of trial and error before it looked "right". There's a reason gem cuts are the way they are!

    I had also initially planned for the gem and feather to share the same tear drop shape, but the edge detail on both shapes interfered with that harmony. I ended up prioritizing visual correctness over technical correctness.​​​​​​​