Digital Sketch Collection | Design Drawing

  • Dongle + Lunchbox Concepts

    This ID Digital Drawing project involved choosing two types of products to generate a digitally enhanced concept page for each with Photoshop. The objective was to develop composition skills.

    I chose two products that were on my mind at the time - dongles because I was learning to adapt to the new MacBook's lack of ports, and lunchboxes because I had one that kept hanging on to the unpleasant taste of dish soap.

    For the lunchboxes, I focused on exploring function, whereas since dongles have a fixed function, I found myself playing with quirkier, more superficial features. The exploration of these specific products were good exercises in ideating for both form and function.

  • THE MULTI: A Bluetooth Speaker Concept

    This ID Digital Drawing project involved sketching a speaker and adding texture and finishes in Photoshop. My concept is a wireless-charging, multi-speaker system that can operate from either the main hub, or be rearranged for a surround-sound effect. From the hub, sound can be directed by rotating each speaker to positions predetermined by magnetic strips. Each speaker outputs a different frequency range that can be fine-tuned via an app. Finishing is chrome and sand-blasted aluminium.